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Fjellpulken Classic Children's pulk

SKU: VM-10100
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Fjellpulkens Childres’s Pulk – the Market Leader through 50 years!

If you are looking for the best pulk experience for your child, combined with maximum safety and comfort, then you choose Fjellpulken. The Children’s pulk complete is equiped with backrest, windscreen and roll-over bars. It has a stabilizing hull which is a safety feature in rough terrain. The Fjellpulken Childrens Pulk is a solid quality product all the way through which both you, your children and even your grand chilidren can have much joy from. Child must be minimum 6 months old before using a children’s pulk. Length: 131 cm Width: 53 cm Height windscreen down: 30 cm Height windscreen up: 50 cm Weight: 11 kg General advice Do not transport children under 6 months in a pulk. Do not transport children in a pulk when temperatures are lower than –10 °C. Remember that low temperatu- res combined with a high wind-chill factor increase the effects of low temperatures. The coldest temperatures are always close to the ground. The child’s physical health must be good. Do not take trips in difficult weather or wind conditions, and never take very long trips with children. Remember to make sure that all children are wearing sunglasses at all times. Before leaving on a trip Check all connections and straps on pulk and on shafts. Use special insulating mats on the bottom of the pulk as insulation. Use baby bag or similar. The child should be warm and cozy, but not too warm. Make sure the safety harness is suitably fastened around the baby bag. The child’s arms must have freedom of movement, while at the same time being protected by the pulk’s cover. During the trip Adjust and adapt clothing so that the child is not too warm or cold. Check regularly! When skiing downhill or in difficult terrain, it is best to have the child lay down in the pulk. This will have a stabilizing effect and provide good protection for the child. Stop often and take breaks so that the child can get out of the pulk. Never ski fas

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