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Drybag sett (1 of each size)

SKU: 63000
EAN: 7090001084034
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Drybag set of high quality in 5 different sizes.

Fjellpulken Drybag is a high-quality waterproof packbag. The bag is perfect for compressing and keeping controll of your stuff when you are outdoors in the summer or the winter and is very suitable for activities like pulk touring, hiking, canoing, bikeriding, boat trips etc. Perfect for content like clothing, matches or electronics. 

The bags is closed and secured with a UTX-Flex buckle and a rolling mechanism in the top. This makes them easy to comprimise after what and how much is inside. They also have a D-ring which can be used to hang the bag up, for example to hang food in a safe hight. 

This set of drybags contain five different sizes of respectively 5/10/15/20/30 liter which are ideal for protecting your belongings against moist and water. They can also be bought seperately. 


  • Weight: 5L:5gr / 10L:6gr / 15L:7gr / 20L:9gr / 30L:12gr
  • Ultra light 20D RipStop material
  • Waterproof coating on the inside
  • Double and taped seems. 
  • Reinforced with nylon band in top. Nylonbånd forsterkning i topp
  • D-ring attachment
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