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Fjellpulken Classic Children's pulk 2024

SKU: VM-10120
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The Fjellpulken Childrens pulk first saw the light of day in 1963 and today, 60 years later, it has gone through several rounds of renewal. It is today a modern product, but with the same philosophy of quality and safety in its core! - Extremely strong fiberglass body - Solid windscreen with UV protection - Roll-over bars on the sides for increased stability - Integrated storm cover for protection against wind and snow. - Insulating foam mat at the bottom

New color and otherwise all qualities from the previous model.

If you want the best pulk experience for your child, as well as the best possible safety and convenience, then you choose the Fjellpulken Children's pulk. The pulk has a supporting and adjustable back and a windscreen with UV-filter. It also has a stabilizing hull and is equipped with roll bars that will stabilize the pulk and help preventing overturning in rough terrain. You should nevertheless always evaluate the terrain and choose a safe route when being out with your small one.

The children's pulk has a storm cover that is integrated into the collar. This can be pulled over the windscreen to protect against strong winds and snow drifts. The Fjellpulken Children's pulk is a thoroughly solid quality product that you, your children and others who may come after can enjoy for generations!

NOTE: The children's sled now has a more burgundy color than what is shown in the video below.

NB! Open the zip at the back of the cover for access to fresh air for the child if you use this over time.

Harness and tow are optional.

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