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Expedition Reinforced shaft

SKU: 70200
EAN: 7090001083365
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Reinforced pulk shaft in massive design, also called "expedition shaft". Foldable and with suspension system. Used on touring sleds and expedition sledges.

Solid and reinforced pulk shaftproduced in fiberglass and metal. On this shaft, the fiberglass rods are made of solid material, unlike our standard drag where there are tubes. The shaft also has a reinforced intermediate hoop. it can be easily folded for easier transport and storage. The shaft comes with all our complete models of expedition sleds. It is also equipped with a two-way suspension system that will dampen jerks and provide a more comfortable ride. It is very strong and can be used together with all our sled types.

The Fjellpulken Expedition shaft can, by purchasing Fjellpulken tow fasteners with straps, also be used together with sleds and plastic tobogans from other manufacturers.

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