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Pulling rope for pulk and tyre pulling

SKU: 70600
EAN: 7090001084041
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Solid pulling rope with carbines and bungee relief. Parts are included to mount on tyre.

Pulling rope for pulk and tyre pulling

A sturdy and functional pulling rope for use with a sled or for use with pulk or tyre pulling. The pulling ripe attaches to both sides of the pull harness or our hiking backpacks, and has the option of one- or two-point attachment at the other end. For tyrepulling, one carbine is used to attach to the tyre. When using with a pulk, you can have one attachment point in the front of a rope, or use external D-rings on both sides in front of the pulk hull found on our expedition models. With the large carabiners, the pulling rope can be used for all sleds where rope pulling is desired.

Using pulling rope for pulk: Pulling rope is a simple, but sturdy pulling solution for use with a pulk. It offers flexibility by allowing you to move back and forth to the sled without having to disconnect anything. The limitation is that when going down, care must be taken, so that the sled does not come at you from behind. You acn also ski with the sled in front of you.

Using rope for tire training:A sturdy pulling rope with bungee relief that makes tire pulling more comfortable. Of course, eye nut is included with washers for mounting on car tires. Tire pulling is gentle on the back and knees, but at the same time a very effective workout for strength and endurance. You can much information about tire pulling online. Do you need tires for tire pulling? Ask at your nearest gas station or tire dealer.

The package includes complete rope with sturdy bungee relief and 12kN solid quality carbines. In addition, there is an extra length that can be used if you need a two-point attachment to a pulk, as mentioned above. Illustration can be found on the package of the product.

Made of solid rope with secured knots and 12kN carabiners for easy connection to deck and harness or hiking backpack.

An eye corner for mounting on deck is included.

About 2.7 meters length + walking in bungee.

The product can be used with Fjellpulken Standard, Comfort or Xpedition Pro Pulksele.

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