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Conversion cover - children's pulk to touring pulk

SKU: 90130
EAN: 7090001083532
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Cover for conversion of Fjellpulken children's pulk to touring pulk

Conversion cover for Fjellpulken Classic children's pulk for touring pulk

Cover for converting the Fjellpulken Kids' Pulk to a touring/utility pulk.

Fits all Fjellpulken Classic Children's Pulk after 1986.

Pop rivets and lacing elastic included.
When converted to a cargo pulk, the capacity is similar to the Xcountry 130, which is 235 litres.


Procedure for changing the pulk cover:
You will need:
Drill with 4.2 mm drill bit
Pop rivet tool
Thin work gloves are recommended
Drill out the pop rivets with a 4.2mm drill bit to remove the sled pull, see attached video as an example. You can use a hand drill 3.2mm drill bit
See an example of how to drill out pop rivets HERE
Install the product sack cloth for the children's sack (new pop rivets included).
Secure the new canvas around the hull with pegs (possibly clothes pegs) so that it lies correctly.
Then drill new holes with the same drill, 4.2 mm through the canvas and hull between the old holes.
Pop new rivets in place.

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