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Fjellpulken Comfort Harness

SKU: 71032
EAN: 7090001084843
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A very sturdy pulk harness with back pocket.

Fjellpulken Comfort Harness

The Fjellpulken Comfort reinforced pulk sled harness is a very sturdy harness designed for those who spend a lot of time out in winter with a pulk.

The Comfort harness is suitable for people in sizes medium and small, as it fits closer to the body. The Comfort harness is an elaborate sled harness with a well-padded three-piece belt around the waist, as well as cross straps with a softer pad over the shoulder and neck area.

The harness also has reinforcements in all exposed wear areas. You can easily remove the shoulder straps or crotch strap with the click buckles if you wish.

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